Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Once Upon a Time. . . .

In a land far, far away there was a woman who wanted nothing more than to teach children about the truths of the human experience via literature.  

Well, that's the beginning and the end of that little  fairy tale. 

If I were inclined to do so, I could wax rhapsodic about my teaching experience, my education, my areas of expertise, my certifications, etc and so forth. . . . but, I am NOT inclined to do so at this juncture.  Since I'll cover all of that, in some manner, as the posts progress, it hardly seems necessary now. Instead, allow me to share a little anecdote from my classroom.  I think it's illustrative of the "type" of person who teaches and who is able to stay in the profession without going completely bonkers.

A few weeks back, my students were working on their final paper for the quarter/semester. As this paper was in a "new to them" style, I spent a fair amount of time in instruction and modeling--so as to minimize confusion and angst (teenagers are well-versed in angst).  As I'm talking about some aspect of the paper, I spy--out of the corner of my eye--one of my students holding up a note card and another student giggling.  Now, my experience has taught me that no one, and I mean NO ONE, giggles while taking notes about the stylistic requirements for argument writing.  It. Just. Isn't. Done. So, I stop what I'm doing, walk over to the student, and pick up the note card.  On it is written, "pen15."  That's right, my students are giggling over an incognito "penis" note card.  As a new teacher, I probably would have flipped out over this.  However--being me at this point in my life--I simply said, "you do know you've misspelled 'penis?"  And, that, my dears is what I LOVE about my job.  The students are funny, crazy, silly, maddening, challenging, goofy, and almost always the best part of my job.  

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